Brighten your day

Brighten your day
Do you have a room or hallway in your home that is always dark and you need a light on even during the day? Well a skylight is the perfect solution to transform a dark, gloomy, cold and stuffy area into a light, bright and airy space that will not only feel bigger but will be a pleasure to spend time in.

A space that gets minimal natural light in winter can be bathed in light and warmth during the colder months, considerably reducing the need for heating and electric lighting, therefore reducing your power bill. In summer you can have the benefit of not only natural light but should you choose a ventilated skylight or sky window, capturing a breeze and with the addition of a blind installed over your skylight you can block out the harsh middle of the day summer sun.

Skylights are available in many different forms.

Sun tunnels also known as solar tubes or tubular skylights with toughened glass and UV protection will capture and redirect the sunlight down the tube and into the room. Ideal for any room but particularly the pantry, walk in wardrobes and internal (windowless) bathrooms and toilets or anywhere a skylight is not feasible.

Fixed skylights allow twice as much natural light into a room than conventional windows and are a great way to bathe a room in natural light. Available in different sizes and suitable for both flat and pitched roofs. There are options of double glazed to reduce heat and coatings designed to reduce the amount of cleaning required.

Ventilated skylights are fantastic for kitchens, bathrooms, attic rooms or any windowless room. A perfect way to capture natural light, allow breezes in, and steam and odours out.

Skylights can be glass or acrylic, toughened glass to withstand hail damage and bush fire rated non-combustible glass. Then there are rectangular, round, flat, domed, bubble, pyramids and polygon shaped skylights. There are manual opening skylights operated by a winder handle, also electric and solar powered opening skylights. Remote controlled and automatic rain detectable skylights. Or they can be custom built. So if you are considering a skylight for a new build speak to your architect who will design a skylight to suit your roof, the room and its aspect to best capture the natural light while enhancing the interior décor. If you are just replacing the roof of your home, it’s the perfect time to add skylights to those rooms that don’t see much natural light.

The skylight manufacturers and suppliers will advise you on the best options for your roof, what size and type and how many skylights you will need for a room or hallway to suit your budget. By using a professional installer you will ensure the job is completed without risking your safety on the roof with a DIY installation that may leak if not done correctly.

Natural day light or the lack of, effects our energy levels, mood and general well being so imagine the difference a skylight will make to you and your family as well as your home, not to mention your energy bill.

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