The difference between skylights and roof windows

The difference between skylights and roof windows
Are you looking to install a skylight in your home?

Do you keep coming across the term “roof window” in your research?

While skylights and roof windows are similar in some ways, there are also several distinct differences between the two.

Before you decide which will suit your home and needs better, read on to understand the difference between skylights and roof windows, along with their benefits.

Subtle feature vs. design element

One of the main differences between skylights and roof windows is that the former tends to be a subtler, in the background feature, whereas the latter is an intentional design element.

With skylights, the light that they provide is diffused at ceiling level by the ceiling panel, and it’s easy to forget that they are even there. When you first get one installed in a room, you might even think that you have left the light on in the room because it will seem much brighter and you won’t immediately register why.

Roof windows, on the other hand, are bold, intentional and eye-catching. They are a design element that’s meant to draw attention and complement the aesthetics of your space. More than just providing an abundance of natural light, it will give the room a different ambience altogether. Also, it’s called a window for good reason – people will actually be drawn to look out at the sky above.

Benefits of skylights

A skylight will instantly brighten up a room, and you can even position it over a specific area to serve a functional purpose, for e.g. over the kitchen bench to light up the workspace more effectively. This means you won’t have to turn on the lights as much, which in turn means lower electricity costs.

Skylights can also provide natural ventilation to moist environments, making them particularly handy for areas such as bathrooms or the laundry, and because they can be installed into just about any kind of roof, they are exceedingly versatile.

Benefits of roof windows

Roof windows bring with them all the benefits of skylights, plus a few additional advantages. Top on the list is the wow factor that they bring to any space, which makes them a part of the interior décor. The window is usually double glazed, which dramatically reduces the transfer of heat, thus helping to regulate the temperature in your home, and it reduces outside noise as well.

Roof windows also come with a variety of features that aren’t necessarily available for skylights. These include blockout blinds for roof windows in bedrooms and theatre rooms, for example, and remote control powered openable windows with rain sensors that automatically close the window when it rains.

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